Condition Monitoring


Condition Monitoring

Fraser & MacDonald provide a complete site service for ensuring that your rotating plant and equipment can be well maintained, giving early warning of developing wear and tear,  preventing unexpected and expensive downtime failures, and adding confidence to maintenance programmes.

Vibration analysis allows trends in wear and tear to be accurately measured and necessary maintenance may be planned to suit production schedules. 

Laser alignment checks result in lower running costs via increased efficiency and reduce the chance of premature wear and tear and failure.

Thermographic imaging surveys quickly reveal developing problems and give proven payback by avoiding much more expensive downtimes on unexpected faults.   Thermography is also useful for identifying inefficient drives, developing hot spots.   More insurance companies are requiring proof that attention is being paid to hazards associated with electrical fires and thermography is the ideal method of quickly checking for developing hot spots in switchboards and electrical distribution equipment,  reducing the chances of inconvenient and costly failures to even preventing a catastrophic fire.



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